In spite of the stress, fatigue and – sometimes – lack of profits for any, we make it manifest good.
The parents have certainly informed my class this evening.

It's really a nice announcement to get on a day like today include. offered modest about, to my workshop and my class to be moved per 10/11.
How and what we do not know yet, for the plan is not added.
Not the Plan, at least.

We had views to wait until the new year with total movement, but no. In the middle of the school year, everyday life and everything else we need to pack a whole building down.
At the same time, I had spent the morning with a staff meeting, the great frustrations of decisions given free rein.
The tongue should be kept very straight in the mouth after the game, where the prospect of evening meeting was not the most welcome.

Fortunately bore my vintage teams hard work was rewarded, og jeg gik derfra med rosende ord og et smil på læben 🙂
There's nothing like getting to know, the kids love a <3

So we do it well and nothing works.
It gave a slight boost to continue.

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