I really try to find well-hat forward. Well, I do!
Thinking outside the box, listen and try to see the good and useful.
I really do! It is just so very…

My beautiful, lovely class simply can not contain all the, they have to accommodate.
The same goes for my colleagues, so they go down and sick messages pile up.

The educational leader had to stand in for one of my teacher colleagues, and it is probably only because they have not yet synchronized educators hours with teachers.

So I sank a second time, when I discovered that my colleague was ill, I can not immediately grasp an entire school day alone with the class.
No preparation, no material.

I've been there before, before reform, and it was hard and 'only’ 6 hours.
The idea of, to stand with them in 8…

But to return to the pro-hat, I can so far only see a single advantage.
That the children are very happy, I am so much with them and is responsible for part of their education.
Og was so.

Right now I have it, as if I am trying to gild a shit. Excuse the language.

I would really like to have something good to say about school reform. I will therefore.
Now only Tuesday, so I bet on the need to show up more.
It should therefore only.

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