Today starts a new chapter in my media exploration. I dag starter Alphabølgen.

Alphabølgen er en podcast, which is published every 14. day, and that is colored by children, young people and adults, standing and trying to find your way. Both the parents and the professionals, which seeks to create a viable future in the digital imaging in focus.

The podcast has been developed in collaboration with Uffe Lyngdal Sørensen, I for a long time has been sparring and communicated with regarding. these subjects. We ended up deciding, our hour-long Skype conversations may be shared with others.

In the first episode, the theme your, mine and our news. About the way we consume our news, how to know the difference between true and false and, what it is fake news really is. At the same time we say goodbye to the iPod, has now been laid in the tomb of Apple.

Click on and hear the first episode.