It is one of the buzz word, flying through the air.
Det er and hit, to teach children through play, and as a digital advocate I can only welcome development.
However.. For the men he et.. The approach is being screwed.

My mother always taught me that words have meaning.
How you choose to express yourself, color content of what you say.
Everyone knows that good advertising man also, but it seems like the buzz word has gotten bigger impact than it actually should.

I was recently in the company of two of the digital learning other højtråbere, Christian Mogensen from the Center for Digital Education and Asbjorn Skovsende, to talk about this very issue.

It took a very short period of time, before we had to put the word 'learning games’ in the virtual garbage can, and replaced it with the, that actually works: games for learning. Like hidden learning.

Why is it so, so important to change the word out?
Because the – In addition to being misleading and not very attractive – then there are huge difference between learning something as a side and sit down to learn.

Not least psychologically, but also in terms of visuals.

There are many games that sell on learning, but honestly.
If you were a kid, and were given the choice between playing a 'game-play’ og and læringsspil, choice would not be very.
It is simply – pardon my language – ass boring to learn when pushed to the.
Also, even if it is wrapped up in a game frame, trying to make it appealing.

Preserved, succeeded once in a while, but unfortunately it is not every time.

It's not because I think, all games with learning to be comparable to conventional entertainment games.
Just as school books are and will schoolbooks, be part of the learning process to be very clearly defined, and easy to access without the frills.

But can not we imagine a 5-6 times, before (developers) creates the kind of game?

I know, that they will be sold trainers leaders and those with academic understanding, but it is not ultimately the children we must focus on?

Learning is best, when it is inspiring, fun, challenging and well composed.
Playing and learning are related, and sometimes learning sniges into the back door to have the proper effect.

How should our games with learning also.

So in the bin with 'learning games’ onwards with games with learning.