Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating in Play n Tell seminariet.
A seminar organized by the Media Desk Denmark – the future Creative Europe – with the subject of stories in games.

'What's so important in the?', some may ask.
'What's important in a story in a book, a film or a piece?', vil mit svar være 🙂

Some of the smartest people in stories in the game came and communicating how they do, and how it works best.

Gunnar WilleAmong Gunnar Wille, as many of my generation know from shrunken from outer space and family Fab.

It was extremely nerdy, and meant for professionals, but I and two colleagues with great interest in the game participated.

I walked away with a renewed flame about why it is so vitally important that we adults create good stories in the digital media, and I have a few articles in the fire already.
Articles on, how to help children find the good and age-appropriate stories in games, and what stories really doing – and – children.

At the same time we had the opportunity to hear about the making of the LEGO Ninjago series.

2013-11-21 15.16.06Are you not aware of the, it can be summed up with the words; ninja, golden sword, fight against enemies.

The process was in many ways admirable, and a shining example of what happens when adults listen to children's wishes.
I will return with an article about this process later. Not, because I will create additional advertising for the product itself – it can even cope well LEGO – but because they chose some actions that benefited the children as well as themselves.

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