It's been the most amazing day 🙂
We finally got time to do green screen and stop motion again, and like so many times before it developed. Explosive!
It is probably largely my own 'error’ When things take over and we suddenly start something new.
Whatever the kids love it just as much as me 😉

As we prepared himself to today's workshop, I had gotten into my head that the children had to do stop motion on green screen with themselves.
Unfortunately, the idea was a little hard to sell, and I had not shown them how first.
In fact, I did not, before the green cloth may be used elsewhere.

So my idea was a little in the sink. Yet…
We had a long and narrow piece of green fabric. The I suddenly immensely want to use, so I asked one of the boys if he would lose his head.
He was entirely with the!

I wrapped it around his head, Asked him in front of a door and took the picture. First with him and green cloth. Next, the door.
Eventually his head.

The idea had been to use video, but it was difficult to do properly, so I walked away from. This time.

The idea was a little to use Green Screen by Doink but it will not now make stills.
Instead, it was ArtRage who came to the rescue.
Importing images, Law at Law, Deletion of the useless and drawing of blood.
Voila – a STKS beheaded boy.