Huge Success. The children flocked to, and Alva, minus strain skills sum holder in now (Sniffles!) was the next candidate.

I now had an even better idea, what to do.
Instead of winding the green of head, she asked out of the door and the green cloth was stretched over her head.

So I recorded while she was squirming her head on the cloth.
Away with her and cloth, and so I filmed the exact same place without her.

So should the body of, then wrapped in green, I took a picture of her. It could have been video.
Into ArtRage with the, make it completely green and tailor it to and then into Green Screen by Doink.

Total and exported I opened it in iMovie. Here we recorded also screams and cries.
The children would have music.
That I played quickly in GarageBand, export to iMovie, and voila – Headless Alva.

Big cheers and interest!
In all ended the day – in addition to more traditional stop motion movie and a 1 hour marathon movie – with 3 headless children and a legless with its ax murderer.