digital everyday – how do you get started with it?

It is a difficult question, as there is not always a direct solution to the.

For child-care workers is often a challenge, as IT and technology have not filled much of the area before now.

The easiest way, using digital technology along with young children, is about, using tablets.

The digital world must inplementeres from 0 to 18 year area, and it is something of a revolution for special educators in day care centers. It has gradually been put strongly on the agenda of the educational curricula, while society is undergoing a revolution, unavoidable.

Apps can be a true goat market transp, to gracefully around.
Some apps claim they are free, but it is not actually, while others take enormously well paid for almost nothing.

During a presentation and workshops Aalborg municipality daycare leaders, I made a booklet. This book is an inspiration to get started, and Aalborg Municipality has agreed, that it should be shared out. Therefore, all now free get some inspiration, and perhaps get started in a better way.

All can work digitally if you are a fairly well-functioning society individual. The level, the individual starts on depends entirely on the interest, exposure and – In many cases – willingness, to be touching.

Download the booklet on a digital life here, and help to develop the area into a new Facebook group Everyone is welcome, and there is NO requirement for prior knowledge. Let us inspire and support each other.