Welcome to the new year!
2013 was the year when I came out as a blogger, and begin my adventure as online multimedia educator.
An exciting process, which has only brought me many good experiences.
2014 suggest to, to offer even more of the same.

I start with, to start a new cycle with the kids on my work.

This time it is Doink and animation, standing in the cards, and I (my work) has been 2 additional iPads for children. Weeh!

The people behind DoInk heard about my work via Twitter, so they have made an interview with me about it I go and make me.

On Tuesday, I'm giving presentations to the other SFO'ers IT responsible at Frederiksberg about what I am doing in my workshop.

Next week, a journalist from BUPLs member magazine Children and Youth and doing an article on the same.

Then I see not much else in January. In addition to being 35 years of age.

In February I expect, to take a trip to Viborg to visit The Animation Workshop. Ever specifik that greet Center for Animationspædagogik.

Those I contacted in the fall, and it will be very interesting to see what they are going to make.

I give just a of course i nålefiltning last weekend in February, but it is not particularly digital.
It's just me and my creative urge acting.

So when we Mar., I hold Digital tegnekursus d. 8-9, part 2 of needled tion course d. 16. and DoInk animationskursus d. 22.

It will be an exciting spring 🙂

Along the way there will emerge articles up on the blog, and I wonder if that pop up slightly on the various activities I doing.

So Happy New Year!


Picture found via Flickr.com and is of Neosis during CC license by-nc-sa. It is cropped at top and bottom.