Eva offers a unique combination of knowledge about pedagogy and IT – seasoned with a burning passion to get girls to take control of their own lives. Dell share the same passion for making more girls interested in IT. Both because the IT industry is strengthened by diversity, but also because we want to reduce barriers and open girls' eyes to the amazing future possibilities, as IT skills can give them. Eva helps us concretely with this mission by targeted to inspire girls to get to grips with it and understand what goes on behind the screen. Julie Rosendal

Events & Communications Manager, Dell EMC

Eva speaks bluntly and into the heart with relevant stories from real life, custom audience.

She conveys problem drug straightforward, is sharp in its observations and not afraid to make his opinion quite clear. She is alive, gifted and an important voice in the digital and gendered debate.

Kristina exercises

Manager, Gladsaxe Pedagogical Knowledge

We have worked with Eva Fog, several times because Eva Fog, have mastered didactic and pedagogical principles when working with technologies.

Eva, has supported us with the implementation of 3D printing in school compared. the girls, and held a workshop on the use of multimodality with the children.
The good cooperation with Eve is that she focuses on the student and what the student should be able to, while she invite the adults into these processes. Rune Dziadecki Gråbæk

Development Consultant for IT and learning environments, Ringsted Municipality

Eva Fog gave presentations on DI Digital's birthday on 8. June 2017 about the future of education and skills in the 21. century.

Eva is a firebrand, who is passionate about his mission and have an empathetic, fun and inspiring approach to things.

Her presentation was different with a direct appeal to both businesses and politicians to learn from past mistakes and instead work with a holistic approach to technology.

Jette Nøhr

Seniorchefkonsulent, OF

We have at EduLab been entertained by Eve insightful and inspirational messages to our former. shop, FessorNyt, and on our blog for families, MatematikBlog.dk, where she among others. has written about digital imaging.

Eva is at the forefront of technology and are good at adapting to his audience – whether it's children, adults, professionals or other, who are the recipients of her messages. We admire Eva as forgangskvinde to get more girls interested in IT and technology, and to get more women in STEM.

Eva is motivating and burn through, and we highly recommend her – and especially her mother-daughter tech brunches, wherein playing and taught with BeeBots, SmartGurlz, Spheroes, littleBits, Osmo apps and Tinkercad. We follow Eve's actions on LinkedIn and in the media - it is an exciting journey, she is on. Line Brodie

Team Manager - Marketing & Multimedia, EduLab

Eva is a passionate and knowledgeable enthusiast and presenter, there with live examples and humor get engaged his audience.

Whether the audience is children, young, parents, politicians or commercial actors. Eva has a tremendous insight into children and young people digital life and opens the world with empathy and curiosity. In the world, where the digital generation gap grows, there is a need for experts like Eva to bridge the gap between generations.

Camilla Mehlsen

Average- and training advisor, author, lecturer, Mehlsen Media

We had made a collaboration with Eva Fog around a large fællesdag IT student patrols in Furesø Municipality in September 2017.

We had chosen Eva, when her focus attention on girls and programming, fit very well into our thoughts on the development of IT student patrols.

So, we chose a setup, where boys and girls were an integral part of the target group, thus becoming the talk around, the technology scares the girls away put in the background.

We were really excited Eva's setup on the day. She was very focused on working with meaningful use of technology and coding, and create a narrative around with technology. It gave the patrol a good start, to go home and get others to dig into the technology. Tobias Smith

Educational IT consultant, Furesø Municipality

I will meet Eva! Eva er girl power, understood as she provides power to the girls and their presence in a digital age, where it is usually the boys who are lead and closest. Eve is also a strength in his case, which may be labeled with the same. This becomes evident when she speaks to and for other like-minded, when she facilitates digitization of the girls and when she via podcast Alpha Wave opens up a world of debate, philosophizing and the concretization of the reality that characterizes our everyday life.

Eva helps girls to realize their own space and opportunities in design- and the world of technology. As Digipippi-role model and with its strong educational background, she has good grip in raising girls' eyes to participation and dreams of digitization, design, production and technology.

Historically, this world belonged to the girls before, but marketing stereotypes has quietly left the stage for the boys, while girls have pulled. In fact, efforts must be made early in order to reach to catch them, within the stereotype colors them and they give up the dream.
It helps Eve through to how we can change for our girls, so they too can dream electric dreams Christian Toft

Multimediepædagog, Fuglsang Farm School Coding Pirate, Lyngby / Microsoft Dept.. Blogger on Paed-it.dk And most importantly - Father of Anna and Molly, not yet colored by stereotypes.