With it navn Eva Fog. I am 38 years old, and has worked with technology, multimedia and gadgets 25+ years of age.

I graduated Rudolf Steiner educator, lifelong geek and using my experience with digital creative pedagogy and digital training to, to help develop our children's present as well as future.

I am the founder and chairwoman of DigiPippi.

To learn more, you may want to visit my LinkedIn page or one of my other social profiles. You are also welcome to contact me by mail, telephone or by contact page here.

as guest

28.06.2017 – Ringsted.dk: Girls play and learn with new technology
12.06.2017 – Folkeskolen.dk: DigiPippi to teach the girls to use it – without the boys
02.06.2017 – The hard drive of P1: Why missing women in the IT industry?
19.05.2017 – DAGBLADET / SN.dk: Gender-segregated education in technology
05.06.2017 – SAMDATA podcast: Future generations in a digital world
25.04.2017 – Children&Young: THEME: Excited or critical
22.03.2017 – Midtjyllands Avis: 25 girls learned about YouTube
11.03.2017 – Deadline DR2: Digitization in elementary school
02.03.2017 – paed-it.dk: Learning Festival 2017
23.02.2017 – Power the Learning Blog: (RECOMMENDATION) A DIGITAL DAILY of EVA FOG
08.01.2017 – Local Government Association for Education Learning Center: Repportage fra PLC-konference
05.11.2016 – ForældreIntra Radio 24/7: The mobile magt
17.09.2016 – ForældreIntra Radio 24/7: Digital upbringing
November 2016 – interview for the book of Technology Test Pilots
18.05.2016 – electronic Podcast: PODCAST #209 - Pippi GIRLS ARE DIGIPIGER
14.03.2016 – Studentum.dk: Role models should get women back into IT
11.10.2015 – The hard drive of P1: We want more women in tech
20.08.2015 – Interview in the newspaper Erhversmagasinet / Sj & aelig; llandske Media: Let the girls come to the codes
25.03.2015 – Coding Pirates web: Love of technology drives the voluntary pirate forward
05.02.2015 – BUPL's member magazine Børn&Young: Use children's media to talk about terror
22.05.2014 – BUPL's member magazine Børn&Young: Inspiration – SFO-creativity on the iPad
06.01.2014 – DoInk.com: Eva Fog From Denmark teaches children how to animate

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