Jeg googler engang imellem 🙂
Okay, very often.
And some of it I google the most, relevant articles, pages and reviews in digital pedagogy.
It is important to keep updated, and even Twitter and Facebook give me much, Do old-fashioned search also.

Yesterday I sat in one of my search modes, and suddenly appeared a – for I – NYT on ord: media learning.
It is not a word I have been presented for, but after more thorough search, I can see it being used by various school bodies.

Well then. What's so special about the word?
As far as I can see – little.

It's just another buzz word for the use of digital media in teaching and educational context.
So how many can I gradually?
Digital pedagogy, IT education, media learning, media education, Digital education, multimedia pedagogy, digital imaging … There are guaranteed more I do not remember now.

The conclusion must be, we – in an attempt to legitimize the digital developments and their entry into our teaching and educational practice – constantly trying to find new names that fit.
Nice enough – jeg skal da nok deltage i ordkløveriet 🙂

Only I'm allowed that practice it – whatever it's called!