Yesterday, I wrote the following on my private Facebook side:

Thursday 8.6.17 was one of those days, where it did nothing, I did not get many second rest.

Although it's hard to get up at. 5:20 for, to be in Ringsted 7:40, it has been worth every single time. The four times I made so far it has namely been, to make Digi Pippi School on Dagmarskolen. Task, which is worth it. Everytime!

We started with a visit from, and once again surprised the cool girls all of us with their creativity and skills.

Pick of the day, shining example is Yara here, despite language difficulties have taken 3D design for themselves, as it was one of the most naturally.

She chose to make DigiPippis mascots, and executed brilliantly. Yara is just one of several children with either language or social conditions, and all have performed excellently.

So it was with tired legs, arms metaphorically in breath and heart full, I kl. 15 train from school with his nose against DI Digital's Annual Meeting.

From, that being in the field with your fingers in them, our whole future is about, I had to give presentations on the very same future-school. Roughly 17 minute call to the surrounding 200 top officials and VIP guests about the sins of the past and future necessities, and the extreme importance of role models, was my contribution.

Bygone days of IT policy error experiments in schools was highlighted, and finally a strong call for the attendance: Should something be changed, it is they who must speak up.

Despite uncooperative powerpoint technology was my call heard, and there were indications from many of them, I wanted to affect.

Thanks to DI's live stream, it is possible to see the whole conference on video, and my presentation here

Meanwhile, I continue to shape the future of tech-girls this weekend, where you wish to display 3D from DigiPippi School at Ringsted Children's Festival Saturday, and Sunday held Mother and daughter tech Brunch på Enigma Post, telecommunications and communications museum.

See you?