In an hour I stand before my class again, after a week's holiday.

Wow up where it was needed!

Before the holiday, I was so exhausted that I could not see out of the eyes.
So I have spent my holiday to do as little as possible. In addition to playing SimCity, tidy up a bit and catch up on family and friends.

In the past, my vacation will be spent in I plunged blog, started with all sorts of exciting believes and thus not relaxed.

It was I have to help this time.
Relaxation has been the most essential for, I can start up again and be 'on'.
I even had to cancel my cartoons course because my body insisted to lie down and not doing anything 🙁

It has never happened before, and I hope it does not happen again. It gives me a bad taste in the mouth, but I must be true to myself.

So now that everyday life starts again, I will try, how much I gain by using only the preparation time I have actually.

I expect that I quickly feel dissatisfied with the lack of level, but I gider therefore not crash and burn!
This week we set goals for the next 10 weeks, and it shall be so supported.
While, to my workshop closed down and moved, to be created share rooms and we go the dark time of the year in meeting.

Haha… I keep the tongue in your mouth.

And today I start a new team of my minianimatorere 🙂

Good Monday!