It is with YouTube ...

This confuses many, especially adults, and the reaction is often that they degrade or minimize it, as a result.
I can not count, how many times I've heard adults express variants of words "There's no content" for children and young people YouTube Bookmarks. We distance ourselves with these words from something, which is a fundamental part of, being a child and young person today.
Saying, that it is a bad idea, are shown net understatement. Think about it again.
Our children and young people have access to a parallel world, they do not feel they can talk to them, to guide them through life on. A parallel world 70 % of 7-12 year olds use every day.

One of the biggest Danish YouTube and snapchat influencers Rasmus Kolbe, more commonly known as Salmon rider, tells of meeting with his fans who joyfully gets taken selfies with him, while parents loudly says that they do not know him.
It is remarkable, the parents do not spend 10 minutes to get acquainted with the child completely, but when the world hero comes from seems so strange and confusing, lets many be. They give up in advance.

So you should not see ALL YouTube videos

But there are so many……….

As Rasmus indeed write, so requires knowledge of the children's world is not that one ’binge watcher’ all sections of all YouTubers. Nobody makes, even our children, it does not make sense to see things from start to finish. YouTube videos from the known is not like a series on Netflix, where to watch from beginning to end, To understand what happens.
The situation videos, taken out of the everyday as the heroes have or the topic, they have selected. They may be repetitions of previous videos, which received great feedback and are popular challenges, called challenges, as well as 'this is important for me right now' videos.

YouTuberne is friends

In practice, we let our children and young people play with anyone, we have no idea who is. Something, as very few parents would let their children if there had been physical friends. For YouTuberne their friends. They are the ones that give them new information, tell them about what is popular at the moment and decides life's problems and joys.
Some of YouTuberne take this very seriously and live content, which is thought to glance at their status as role models. Others are basically indifferent or rather - they think that you yourself are responsible for, if you see what they do. What they basically are right, but it is something you can ask an adult. Not for children.
We can not choose our children's friends but we can consider them, and it is time that all adults with children contact makes it. Not with 'at that time I was a child' eyes but with 'it's a nice man with some values ​​I do not have a problem with'.
If it works silly, meaningless or else is not a good criterion to judge YouTubers on. It is not you, that is in focus. It is the child and the young.

Who do you want your child socialize?

Consider YouTubers who you want your child's friends, knowing that you ultimately can not decide.
There will be those, that you think is a bad influence, but if they are not harmful, they help to develop the child. The younger they are, the more you have to say about it. Remember, that often ban leads to especially young people just doing things behind the backs of their parents.
The media hardly disappear temporarily, and actually is this advice applies to all social media by children and young stars and heroes.
Social media has made it possible to be his idols very near. Or at least give the impression of being near. Conversely, singers and actors, it is relatively easy to meet the Danish YouTubers, making them even more attractive to follow and look up to.

So start a dialogue with your kids. Use 5-10 minutes watching some of it they will recommend you, and do not speak disparagingly about this photo.
When you open up Children and young people the world with an open mind, they close you in and begin to share it, matters to them, with you.
The older generations tend not, that understand the Younger culture, so there is nothing new in the dissociation is going.
The difference now is just, that a large proportion of children and young people the world going online, wherein the amount of information available, people and opportunities are enormous, and foreign to many adults.

Know 'traffic rules’

Salmon rider compares it, to be present with your child online as teaching them trafikreglerne, and the analogy I myself have used for many years.
We would never send our kids out on their bikes without prior, to have taught them to ride wearing all sorts of safety, and then only later set them loose.
On the Internet highway, many learn the rules and framework continuously, and most of the others that are just as bewildered as themselves.
A bit of interest from parents and other adults is all it takes, to give a good start in life, where the analog and digital life melts more and more.

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In recent years have begun to be researched YouTube phenomenon on Danish soil. The Danish researcher Stine Liv Johansen hAS,. made it his task to look at children, young people and their relationship with the media, and may eventually be found in a lot of articles about the area. I.e. she follows the youngest YouTube star on Danish soil, Well Münster, which is part of a whole family YouTube.

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