In late February begins one of the more interesting assignments I've had in my career as an independent.

The need to understand our children and young people I mention often as a task, where all adults in contact with them should attend. Fortunately I am not alone in this assumption, which my works with many different actors of preferably education but also TDC has shown.

In late August I was then contacted by an agency in the community, I would not have had much contact with: Folkekirken.

The desire to keep up with the younger generations had become clear to Folkekirkens Education and Knowledge, as through confirmation every year large quantities of children hands.

They saw the need to dress the pastors better on, and turned to me.

the result is, I Over 2019 go out to 11 of the country's founder to give presentations on our digital cubs. Backed by a workshop with Finn Andsbjerg Larsen, director of the Center Confirmation, I will do my part to get the national church into the digital age.

There is no one who can say that my work is monotonous 😊

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