If anyone has followed me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn last month, will be an overriding word be tilstedet: DigiPippi.

All, who examined me privately, can recognize the same word constant and insistent repetition. It fills simply it all, and it shall also!

Despite, at jeg (I thought even) for a long time has performed a large and rather important job in the digital teaching and pedagogy, it is now the fruits harvested.

In terms of DigiPippi I've managed to hit something, people obviously agree with me: The girls must learn technology, IT and digital platforms on THEIR terms.

Equality? Yes please!

There are no murmurs ‘breach of the equality rules‘ the hooks, and they should be free.

And what about the boy / girl scouts? Are they discriminatory? The argument is well, that they have a branch to each. Well, men i teknik – where are the girls' department?

As soon as we talk about something, broken down by gender, yesterday some people in the red zone. Quite often men.
It's a chance I take because, if we are talking equality, girls and technology must be made sooner, that it becomes a reality!

It can be argued, the girls have been discriminated against for decades, and that more companies, advertising agencies and other easily blamed for the same.
Promote technology is targeted boys and men, and we women, actually dealing with it, often experience to be looked down upon, talked down to or misjudged. Simply because. our sex.


There is no equality in the area, whatever one may wish, and excuse me – but it is not everyone's goal to be achieved?

I am well aware of the problem and the potential accusation of double standards, but I take it to me.

A boost to, where DE need it

The girls need a lift, and it shall be in the company of like-minded. Both the other girls but also adult women. Role models and girlfriends.

There are many initiatives, supporting technology in schools and among children. For instance,. Coding Pirates, I myself am a volunteer at. Really good programs, which unfortunately does not attract girls.

Not, because girls do not find it interesting. One of the most frequent argumentation, I encounter.
They do. Girls are just not good for the environment, som pt. exist.

At least not all of them, that society really would like to get on the bandwagon.

The girls, which have strong role models (fathers and men for the most part), and coming with the initiatives, accustomed to the way it is done in. They have learned to adapt to a masculine environment.

It is there nothing wrong? Both and, for why should girls adapt?
Should they not handled right there, where DE is best? In the social relations they actually require, with better structure and secure environment to fail.

We are talking about differentiated instruction time and time again, so why is it wrong if girls? Quite normal girls?


For it is not about what boys and men may or may not. It's about girls.

Perhaps it is extremely unpopular to say, and if it is directly illegally, then there is something wrong with the law.

When it has been wrong, to help those who need it?

Digi Pippi is not tech feminism, and if the boys want to see, and be with, they must be accepted in the girls' universe. It wont namely, to be the other way around.

Are needed to DigiPippi, and the response and connection project has received, proves it.

On December 1. september kl. 12 open 'locks', and we will see what can be done.
I do it with 32 other role models and 10 beautiful child reporters (Girls) i alderen 9 to 14 years of age.

And I am looking forward!!