In the afternoon I had the pleasure to spend hours with several smart people, which is about to harm a guide for parents about their children's media use.

Among DR, Save the Children and representatives of the school and education.

It is 2 years since I last attended a Safer Internet Day (SID) arrangement, and there is apparently no significant changes in the years.
Safer Internet Day coming 2. Tuesday in February each year, and one day, that focuses on just that – secure Internet.

Today there were quite a few representatives of parents across the country to present, and it was exciting to participate in their thoughts about the presentations, which was kept.

The most striking is still, that parents are still uncertain, confused and perplexed about, what they do with their multimedia cubs. Just as they were in 2013.

Of course vary the, and there were many good suggestions on the field on, what information is needed to. The uncertainty, and the lack of understanding of, that it is therefore completely earth educating digital, he the dog.

The good news was fortunately the same, I and many others have 'preached’ years:

Relax, and listen to your child.

Want to see what was said and shown, I recommend you read in the box below.

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