This article is not about the kids.
It will act with concrete actions, as the new school reform requires of me and my colleagues.
About, how it changes my wonderful workplace.
About, how my profession suddenly a radical.
About, how big knot in my stomach. And it's big ...

It is best to start with the beginning, so I do.

As the new school reform presented, there was initially a word spreading like wildfire in the debate: activity hours.
The educators raged, teachers wondered and politicians beat each other over the head with its importance.

So the concept was removed and now we have a new, and adopted, size called supportive teaching.
The other day it was decided that educators must stand for 75 % of these UU hours in primary school, and 50 % at intermediate level and in ear- ly adolescence.

In the Municipality of Frederiksberg, where I work, the consequence is a decrease in teachers, as a result of 'natural' departure, and an approach for educators.
There will also be opened up to external parties, such as sports opportunities, business and who is or can contribute something.
These can even be accommodated in the school boards, so outside influence is safe and shown in the new primary school.

Educator caregivers, contrast, can look forward to, that their jobs will disappear over the next few years.
Unless they are among the lucky, as with years of faithful service has secured seniority, lost their jobs in the school house up to the full implementation of the reform in 2020.
They may not hold UU hours, despite the fact that many of them are really qualified staff.

I have great colleagues who I have to say goodbye to over the next year, if nothing happens. Just because they have not been trained but are unskilled.