Children play and have always done it.

Play is the basis for all learning. Sentence Exclamation x 200.

Adults try to adapt their children the world adults up, and they have always done. Nowadays states upbringing.
We have gone from children to be invisible small versions of adults to consider them self, unique individuals. In any case, a long section along the way. One issue I take a second time.

We certainly have a new generation of competent and meaningful children will even, even and may largely be self.

Let me start by describing some of the things children gradually are really good at, all by itself, and that adults should keep fingers from as widely as possible: They are good to play and explore.

Before I get any at the nape of the above statement so let me clarify the I do not think adults should refrain from interfering with. No way – opposite!
We must participate, observe, ask, listen and educate us. What we must keep our hands off the children's natural way to participate together in such. a game Fifa 13, Super Mario or a good time Lets Dance 4. Today the vast majority of games based on singleplay as well as Multiplay . In practice this means that the children play together, even when they are not physically together. A concept that is very foreign to many parents, coming from a completely different time.

A fear that lives are, children isolate themselves by sitting at the digital media. This fear is certainly justified, but I want to illuminate the other side of the subject. What happens when children do not participate.

Think back to when you were a child. You and your friends overall perhaps vehicle card, stickers or chicken rings. It was I share. Some went to football the same and others to the gym next.
The days in both school and home life went with the same common interests, and it was such friendships were made. When you were alone you were with the family or in her room. There were read cartoons, books, heard music on the radio / the stereo and watched a little television.

We're moving straight forward 2013

The children today brings together on the football map, Bella Sara cards and Skylanders. At the same time a Nintendo DS, perhaps an iPad, a Playstation or another console at home. The older children also have a mobile, maybe even a smartphone.
DS and Skylanders characters come with the bag in the same way as cards or other toys, and during breaks and at the SFO gather in clumps when they see each other play. Sometimes against each other, sometimes alone.
They can go on the computers in the SFO and play with each other, either via internal network or online games like WarCraft, Minecraft eller MovieStarPlanet. Although there is only room for one can sit there, Standing or sitting with friends and participate. Some might at a computer next to or by standing behind. But they gathered nonetheless and all participate actively (and loudly, should I greet say…).
Where sounding music on Youtube and spoken and Grins.

They take what they play and make subsequent play from the. Skylanders is used both physical and virtual, and the fight for who has the best. They build it they have made in Minecraft Lego and sing music they heard on Youtube. Often the 'Kids' English', since they do not have a honk sense of language and just imitate sounds.
They represent what they have played, show it to each other and talk about universes.

If ever they can find their friends text messages they them, and being taken pictures of them and friends as posted on Instagram or Facebook. There will be keeping an eye on social services underway.

When they come home from school they can, when they are finished with football and gymnastics, log on Nintendo Wii or Playstation '3' and play online with their friends. They can also go on the computer and play Minecraft or Movie Star Planet , and chat with friends and family via Facebook or MSN Messenger. They may also be Skype to each other, so they talk while they play.
The checker often online social media and mobile simultaneously.
They are online and in touch with each other all the time.

I could be totally kulret in the head and slightly stressed at the thought of all the children have started in, but my impression is that the children do not share this – must be in controlled amounts. The adults must understand!

The children's way to play and socialize on is simply a rather extended form of what we experienced as children. As our parents before us, we are struggling to balance the old and new virtues, and this balance is certainly not easy.

Some parents choose to forbid their children to participate or sets very strict limits for their children. I allow you to doubt whether these parents have put into what they do with their children.
Selvonfølgelig be kids do not sit in front of the screens all the time! They must move, done other things and find non-digital play with their friends. And they do when brought up to have a relaxed attitude to both the digital and the more old-fashioned play methods.

Prohibition has never helped to promote communication.

It has participation contrast.

Let me give a few examples from my everyday life.

I had the pleasure of hanging out with a girl from 1. class while she waited for her and her friends to play Wii. She had positioned herself on my lap and we sat and talked about what she was doing at home. I asked curiously to whether she played when she came home. and she told far and wide about how she sat on the lap of her father while they were playing games on the computer. Sometimes in English, where he translated. It was clearly something they shared together.

Another time I talked to a father, who patiently waited for his son finished the game Minecraft he had started. Prepare var, his son and his friends were playing on when they came home, for which his father said, they held a Minecraft server standing at home. A server where the boy's whole class – even vintage – played together, while they talked over Skype.

Both of the above examples show parents, participating – either actively or passively – in the children's digital game.
They help them get the right tools and are available with support.

I would also like to give an example on the other side.

A child has been imposed a ban of his parents named 30 my. playing on the matchday vintage year and have nothing to look at the other. The child is desperate to get his one trip and fights his way through the other children to ensure the. When the tour then the child is left behind while his friends after a break can get a ride to. It tries in every possible way to sneak to get a glimpse of friends who enjoy and play. Attempts to get the child to engage in other activities managed seldom or half-heartedly.

It is not possible to penetrate to the child's parents. They keep on their and can only see the malicious in what they bring digital play. The child isolated involuntarily by his parents.

I know that many parents are out by now. There are many scare campaigns and news media. words like pedophilia, hackers, Internet bullying and much else is really up in the media of the time, but let us turn cold water in the blood and look at Stats holders!
It is not so dangerous and if the adults around children supports and teaches them how best to behave, We have really competent cubs – not helpless victims.

Maybe you are one of those who sit and think “I know nothing about computers – how should I help my child”?
Do not have the technical qualifications, use your human.
Talk with your child. Be interested without being intrusive. Go online and read about it they play. Many times games websites parents departments, where they tell who they are, what is and comes with good advice.
Take the class / school / SFO in consultation and ask. Listen. Attend!

Ultimately, the child's best interests the most important, and with so many good resources nowadays, it is only a question of will to help the kids on the right path.

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