First day of school in the second year

Today, it takes all my colleagues around the country hole on school reform two years.

The past week has been used to find back at work, open year planning and preparing for the pup arrival today.

Reform first year broke many – myself included – and this year it is the new and steadfast old, carrying our children's education and leisure.

Those, which to some extent was the model or still looking for it.

Med ny minister, implementation of the rules used to be optional and whatever else pops up, is the first day of school is still a bit of a gambling.

At least for the professionals.

So an affectionate greeting to you, which is still in the 'field'.

I do my best, to help you from the outside!

Dear teaching- and uddannelsesministre

Today was the new government formed, and a tough election campaign ended with a minority government.

As a player in training and education;, I am very concerned about the new ministers, Now that new task and legacy.

Unfortunately, both very unknown candidates, with backgrounds as far from reassuring.

Education Minister, Esben Lunde Larsen, is a theologian, Deputy Mayor and openly against gay church marriages.
Minister of Education, Ellen Trane Nørby, er when. MA in art history with political science to option.

None of them have practical or theoretical experience in their new responsibilities, and it is disturbing.

But as I said, the unknown, and I'm willing to let them prove their worth.

Therefore, I have spoken to both ministers and asked them to inform, what their qualifications are.

Screenshot 2015-06-28 pm. 11.16.27

Ikke hacking – modding

Ikke hacking – modding

When I was a child…

Well, it is never a good starting point for any kind of informative narrative.

Nevertheless, I have to, pulling clichéen out of the bag, slam it on the table and stand by the.
For I am once again ended there, where my ancient concepts and anecdotes must give way to new knowledge.

Guskelov for det!