When word really matters

When word really matters

There are certain times, where the joy of working with children is extra large.

One of these is, when they spontaneously choose to appreciate you with words. Last week there was abundance of these spontaneous compliments, and my Wednesday was just 100 times better 🙂
First compliment occurred, when I after a single lesson 4. A skulle videre.
Several of the children spontaneously shouted in unison, that I had to go because they were not ready to stop it stop motion, I've sat Started. Det varmer 🙂
Other compliment came, da jeg i 4. B var i gang med samme projekt.
Before I get to see me, the children have been working on smart board, and has left me a message.
It is not to, at stå for!
Next came, when it was mealtime, and class mess looked at the table and exclaimed: “Have we already had you in 2 hours?! It feels just like one.” 
I could then tell him, that so it goes, when you are having fun.
The last came almost out of the blue.
I was heading out the door, when two big girls – probably from a 5. Class I briefly visited a month ago – asked me if I was not Eva.
Efter at have svaret ja, she said: “I've said to my father, that doesnt make me IT specialist, so every day he must take 10 pictures of me.”
The compliment is hardly visible without explanation:
In the short time I spent with the girls, I had shown them DigiPippi TV and told what I do outside school. I was immediately invited back of the girls back then, but I was only temporary guest so it could not be done.
But it has obviously made an impression, I told them about my work. At least it was one of the girls, as out of the blue stopped me in the middle of the hallway to tell me, at hun ville være IT specialist 🙂
If it is not a compliment, so I do not know what it is! 
At least I got an extra great Wednesday because these cute cubs.
LEGO donations requested

LEGO donations requested

It's very rare, I ask for something to myself.

How am I not brought up. I give and do good for others, and those who know me know that it can actually be downright difficult for me to ask for something.

Therefore, this desire something special. I want me LEGO.


Dear teaching- and uddannelsesministre

Today was the new government formed, and a tough election campaign ended with a minority government.

As a player in training and education;, I am very concerned about the new ministers, Now that new task and legacy.

Unfortunately, both very unknown candidates, with backgrounds as far from reassuring.

Education Minister, Esben Lunde Larsen, is a theologian, Deputy Mayor and openly against gay church marriages.
Minister of Education, Ellen Trane Nørby, er when. MA in art history with political science to option.

None of them have practical or theoretical experience in their new responsibilities, and it is disturbing.

But as I said, the unknown, and I'm willing to let them prove their worth.

Therefore, I have spoken to both ministers and asked them to inform, what their qualifications are.

Screenshot 2015-06-28 pm. 11.16.27