Your body, your choice – but the Internet will remember always

Your body, your choice – but the Internet will remember always

I have started a debate that can not be won.

A debate, which hits right at the core of #metoo, the 1000 accused in the Umbrella case and similar themes, that has characterized our medias for a long time.

It's not a debate to be won, not at all, as this would mean that someone loses and in this situation we can't afford that, having loosers. It's too important.

So, what's it all about? Let me start at the point of no return, where I first chose to comment on another woman's picture on Instagram.


“But what is it really working with…?”

“But what is it really working with…?”

After having tried, I started as a part-time self in 2012 it is one of the issues, I usually receive and, I barely know what the answer is on.

Not because I do not know what I'm doing. I'm just not a 'put in a single box’ kind, and tend to include everything I feel is relevant.

Since my entry as a full-time independent in the middle 2016 it has not been easier, but I try as.

Usually the first part of my answer;
The short version is, I'm specialist and expert in child and IT with a 360 graders look.”
After the sentence is usually a need for dredging, and then clap trap. In order to make stop motion, people will know what I am, or what I do?

If I start off with who am I, people are often a little confused;

  • very eclectic,
  • self-taught computer geek, which has been stuck at one side 1990,
  • a little too creative 'multi-artist',
  • Rudolf Steiner trained educator (it strikes like people a little out, as computernerd and Steiner works very distant from each other for many. Just not for me),
  • School- and SFO educator,
  • educator, lecturer and consultant and developer,
  • expert in girls and tech (which is why, I founded DigiPippi),
  • plus one can not help but to talk and write about it all. Like with many creative combinations of words and burning passion.

It is not easy to put on one's business card.

For that reason ends answer often to be;
I work with everything related to our digital and technological community to do, based on our children – future adults.

This also makes, to my target audience not straightforwardly a narrow field, but the common denominator is always people, which will make the world a better place for our children.
My clients and partners Therefore politicians, ministries, companies, municipalities, uddannelsesinstistutioner, Teachers, the children themselves and their parents.

If you want to make use of my eclectic experience, you can benefit contact me and listen closer. If necessary. more on my core services within lectures, consultancy, writing and teaching at

Entry in the podcast universe

Entry in the podcast universe

Today starts a new chapter in my media exploration. I dag starter Alphabølgen.

Alphabølgen er en podcast, which is published every 14. day, and that is colored by children, young people and adults, standing and trying to find your way. Both the parents and the professionals, which seeks to create a viable future in the digital imaging in focus.

The podcast has been developed in collaboration with Uffe Lyngdal Sørensen, I for a long time has been sparring and communicated with regarding. these subjects. We ended up deciding, our hour-long Skype conversations may be shared with others.

In the first episode, the theme your, mine and our news. About the way we consume our news, how to know the difference between true and false and, what it is fake news really is. At the same time we say goodbye to the iPod, has now been laid in the tomb of Apple.

Click on and hear the first episode.

One day in the program's characters with children and business

One day in the program's characters with children and business

Yesterday, I wrote the following on my private Facebook side:

Thursday 8.6.17 was one of those days, where it did nothing, I did not get many second rest.

Although it's hard to get up at. 5:20 for, to be in Ringsted 7:40, it has been worth every single time. The four times I made so far it has namely been, to make Digi Pippi School on Dagmarskolen. Task, which is worth it. Everytime!

We started with a visit from, and once again surprised the cool girls all of us with their creativity and skills.

Pick of the day, shining example is Yara here, despite language difficulties have taken 3D design for themselves, as it was one of the most naturally.

She chose to make DigiPippis mascots, and executed brilliantly. Yara is just one of several children with either language or social conditions, and all have performed excellently.

So it was with tired legs, arms metaphorically in breath and heart full, I kl. 15 train from school with his nose against DI Digital's Annual Meeting.

From, that being in the field with your fingers in them, our whole future is about, I had to give presentations on the very same future-school. Roughly 17 minute call to the surrounding 200 top officials and VIP guests about the sins of the past and future necessities, and the extreme importance of role models, was my contribution.

Bygone days of IT policy error experiments in schools was highlighted, and finally a strong call for the attendance: Should something be changed, it is they who must speak up.

Despite uncooperative powerpoint technology was my call heard, and there were indications from many of them, I wanted to affect.

Thanks to DI's live stream, it is possible to see the whole conference on video, and my presentation here

Meanwhile, I continue to shape the future of tech-girls this weekend, where you wish to display 3D from DigiPippi School at Ringsted Children's Festival Saturday, and Sunday held Mother and daughter tech Brunch på Enigma Post, telecommunications and communications museum.

See you?