The girl with something to say

The girl with something to say

Self-portrait by Julie

Julie is as such an ordinary girl 16 years of age. Of the, where she differs from most other teenage girls, that her life has been harder than any child in Denmark should experience. Since she was 9 years of age, she has been in residence places outside the family. We first met in June.

Before the summer started I a collaboration with Dell EMC about Hylleholt residence for girls in Faxe Ladeplads.

A place, where girls between 13 and 22 years old, when it is no longer possible to stay solid at home. Common to them is, that they have experienced failure time and time again, and therefore end up in the category 'neglected children and young people'. I went there, to give a presentation for the girls.
target: Giving them the opportunity, getting just a bit of power over their often powerless life.
Midlet: Technology.

This article is made with the consent of Julie – one of the bravest girls I have long met.