It's not because my frustration level with school reform has fallen.
Far from!

At this, my 5. day, I have done my best not to put me over the nearest table and cry and / or sleep.

A colleague, I have not worked with since April, observed worried that I so totally limp out.
She has the 'advantage’ that she is in middle school, where they have 2 fixed educators to her year.
Educators from the local club, as the day the children after school.

I told her about the last days of events.
She met it with the same horror and shock as the many other, I received responses from.
We were in complete agreement that this school reform is child abuse. This is of, and adult abuse.

Together we then 2 lektioners music, where my beautiful class once again showed, how far out they are after this week.
They are, like any other 8-year-old, some worse spradebasser sometimes, but it has been taken to a whole new level.

After the music, I had to tell them, they simply had been so restless and inattentive, I was quite worried and frustrated.
Of course I told them too, that hopefully all know how much I love them all, and thought they are lovely.
I was just so tired, had pain in his voice and was on the verge of, what I am as a person and professional had to offer.

I know very well that they are not doing it to be annoying. They are lovely children, tired but lovely children.

When I met into this morning was the first thing I noticed, the dark circles children had under the eyes.
They were so tired, their Danish teacher was quite afraid they remembered nothing from the week.

We are all tired!
I went home and slept for half an hour, despite the fact that I were home at 16:30.

It may not sound like much for some, but I have been on the children in 7 hours.
I have gone from being helps to teach the workshop educator.
Right now I have 3 jobs i et.

After having tried my blog post today and before then, my mom called this morning to make sure that I'm alright.
I got her assured, I get by because I've tried this before.
When I first started as a full-time school teacher at my former. job, I spent several months trying to make sense of my job.

There was also back only hits and no real content.
I should invent, and I was more or less alone on the.

Even with that experience, I note, that this is worse.

Only the, having from teaching and onto the SFO is a logistical operation, not solved yet.
How can we open our workshops for children are free, when we have them in education until they are free?

I can go on, but the fact is that I'm so tired, I feel I can sleep a whole week.
The problem is, that when I lie in bed yesterday my brain into overdrive with teaching, children and their well-being as well as concerns about, how it here to go.
And when sleep comes, I dream all sorts of strange.

Next week is just around the corner, but now I'm trying to beat it out of your head and relax.
There is still not much I can do, other than to prepare myself for the chaos one must search order, which can.
So I do as best.

Goodnight, internet!