A children's book about friendship and the difference between night and day

The robot RuneThe robot Rune and duckling duck Dehisced was a day in baghavens green grass looking at the clouds.

It was one of the days, where a fresh breeze created new forms all the time, so there was a lot to look at.

Too good 3 years ago I started on the history of robot Rune and duckling duck Dehisced.

The robot Rune - mockup drawing

Mockup drawing of page 11

The robot Rune - finished drawing

Finished product by hand 11

The inspiration came from my – at that time – 1 year old nephew with bonus called the name robot. His given name is Rune. Quite soon now the story at, to form in my head, and I started, creating robot Rune. Only in print, such as drawing and finally as 3D creature.

One year after, was the first draft ready, but it would take further 2 years before, I was ready for release.

I have decided to publish it himself through his own imprint, and it is now available as both e-book and physical book!
The target group is children aged 5 to 8 years of age, and can be used as reading or read-easy book.

E-book only costs 99 kr, and the book 129 kr. Go to http://bit.ly/Robotten and purchase your copy today.