I min first series of Blender 3D videos, I went through how to get started using the program.

Now is the time for how you begin to animate the program.

In the near future I will be releasing new videos, which takes you through simple ways to begin to animate in 3D on.

They will be added on the site, and you can follow via Facebook or Twitter when new.

The videos should be viewed in direct continuation with the 5 other videos, when I use the knowledge taught here.

Added 19.4.15

The 6: Make a multicolored object to animate



The 7: Den første animation



Added 21.4.15

The 8: The second animation – camera and light



Added 24.4.15

The 9: Animer med scale og emission



Added 27.4.15

The 10: Den første animation med rigging



Added 29.4.15

The 11: Den første karakter animation



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