Children have an amazing - and often quite annoying - the ability to see through adults.

And they know instinctively when you do not stand by it, you make. When you are not 'your authentic self'.

There is no plan, you must be the best in the world, and know it all at once. It is not someone who can.

If you move out into something you do not know - so stand by it!

Oh yes - you will 'fail', but it is not a defeat.

It is a continuous proces, to show his children 'the right path.’ It requires, that we teach children to victories as well as, to fail.

In a time, where curling parents and children service is part of the Danish language, it is important to point out that the error is an essential learning process.

Among parents were fear of stigmatization as 'bad parents', the consequence of lack of control, and the possibility of damaging the children by not being perfect, dominant.

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