Saying, I am privileged in what I do, are shown mildly.

Work to invent, develop, implement and teach digital pedagogy is nothing short of amazing.

I get to use my hobbies in my work. It's not so bad 🙂

The big difference between developing only, and developing with kids, enormously.

In many ways, they are actually my best critics, laboratory animals and opinion.

I had them around me, whatever the case of a few hours of a course, or as regulars in my workshop, I would never receive the tremendous inspiration and joy they give.

And so would my work be of the same quality.

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I attach huge importance to the quality of my work, and require the same of the manufacturers, developers and contributors I have to do.

Pt I, by virtue of my position of Frederiksberg, access completely different resources than I or would, and use it for mutual benefit.

Everything I do, made available to my colleagues in the municipality, and by sharing knowledge, we are all wiser.

It's fun, and I spend my working life and my free time on the.


One of the funniest is still inventing with the kids right next to me.

The times, I have an idea – either because a child asks me about something or inspiration strikes me – and I throw myself into it with those around me.

Like the time I decided that now would we do green screen, but with what?

I applied immediately over to sew and paint shop, and found several pieces of appropriate green cardboard. And then we started.

Later, I got myself together and bought some green fabric, but it took quite a few months before it came so far.


Shortly after I got the urge to children should do green screen with itself, so it ended up that I 'cut’ heads and body parts of them.

It was uncontrollable funny!


My starting point is and remains the imagination, og den har jeg vist rigelig af 😀

On December, combined with technical understanding and finger on the pulse of, what the child wants it to do, I constantly developing new things and progress.

I would like to share.


I am one of them, one should not start to talk with about digital pedagogy, unless you are ready for a long discussion.

In addition, I am too passionate.

Luckily, I'm not the world's worst intermediary in most cases.


There are many other stories from my work, and many of them end up in articles on this blog.

I hope, I have given a little insight into my work.