It is rare, I'm sitting with a downright bad taste in the mouth of an app.

Not only that – I'm a little in shock, the following app at all is allowed to be sold to children!

Which app? Plastic surgery Barbara.

In short, it is an app, which was first sold under two other names 9+ aged, but after harsh criticism changed name (2 times!) and it was put up to 12+.

The manufacturer understands clearly not a hint.

Twitter users EverydaySexism has been at the nape of them since the app was first discovered, and rightly. For teams when up it is distasteful!

As the title indicates, it is about plastic surgery.

Why? Because Barbara is thick and ugly.

The app is free so I downloaded it to see what it actually went out on. I came not many steps into the, until I felt nauseated me.

With a background music so cheerful and happy, that it could be used for an advertisement for sweets, should transforming Barbara with needles and scalpel.

The graphics are comparable to a cozy, soft children's games for girls, and the whole looked are made to appeal to the very young girls.

The images below are taken from the free game portal, offering sweet and kid-friendly games.


Compare that to the below picture and video from the app. It does not take a genius to see the similarities.screen480x4803

You can then press the button 'ship’ if you do not want to spray and cut, but you have to undergo wound care and other good. I was losing my breakfast, when I was sewing a wound together with a large, about nål!

Then when you come through it, change the music to sultry and then the new 'hottie’ then just dressed. Suk.

If someone can explain to me, why this app is okay for a segment of the world population, who already suffer with low self-esteem, lack of role models of varying body types and a fixation on appearance, I hear like from you!

He ingen – NO – excuse, To make such an app. Not, as I see it.

We live in a world, where obesity among children is rapidly advanced, and those who are quite normal, think many times they should resemble the enormous thin models.

I have all too often heard children talk about dieting. For heaven's sake – do not let them start talking about plastic surgery!

To see for yourself, I have posted a video with play-through of the app up.


It can not come as any surprise, I must give this app bundkarakterer.

1 out of 5 it has been, and I was deeply tempted to give the 0.

Scam because, Games Banner Network Inc!
Scam because, iTunes!

Remove the dung and deny the developer to publish it under even a new name. I do not allow little innocent thing but plastic surgery for children – it's okay.

Update 10:30 15/1/14 – I made the video so others will not have to download the app. Please do not support them!

Update 06:43 16/1/14 – iTunes has now removed the app. Let us hope, the company is not allowed to sell it again under new name!