It looks simple. The name sounds strange. The kids love it!

What is it? A simple and graphic music games.

When I first found the app I did not really think too much, but I was good enough errors.

From the outside, the game does not look like much, but it gives children an opportunity to make music in a completely different way.

The app is basically free, but it requires in-app purchases of more than a few songs. It costs 32 kr. for the whole package.
I'm not crazy about the app's with in-app purchase, but this can be forgiven due. the many hours of fun the kids get.

Screenshot 2014-03-08 pm. 19.38.36The user interface is simple.

Every piece of music is represented by a colorful and child-friendly icon. If you have not yet purchased music, it is possible to listen to it before you buy it.

At the same time, it is possible to see the composer.

The pictures have nothing to do with the type of music they represent, to make. I hvert fald meget lidt 🙂

The title of the track is a little more meaningful. Mostly these are eye-catchers, and it works.

The children choose the the thought looks great, and only when they are beginning to know the numbers behind, they choose from music.

Screenshot 2014-03-08 pm. 19.38.15When an icon is selected, one comes to the dj part.

There is not much music creation in the, but there are some fun options.

Each of the 9 'Plates’ represent the part of the number. Low, percussion, flute and whatever else might be. A simple press of one of them, and it starts its sound.

Now you so 'DJ'ens’ responsible for putting together the number. The music follows a strict tempo, so as to turn on and off parts, as desired.

If it sounds great, you can record it and even publish it on the Internet. More on that further down.

The real part comes Dj, when the plate is pressed icon. Then each part of the number scratches, and it is possible to influence the number of a unique way.

Minusset hereby, that the rhythm is often distorted when scratches on an item. I have not really experienced it is possible to regain rhythm, unless the scratchede plate stopped and started again.

A little annoying, but it is a children's game.

Screenshot 2014-03-08 pm. 19.39.19If 'paw’ icon press comes a whole new interface speed, and more games embossed design presented.

Each of the plates snaps around, and they turned rotates also about themselves. Now apply one to 'catch’ them with your finger.

Rather simple and yet very challenging.