I'm always woman for finding new and exciting apps.
Therefore it didn't take much though, when I found an app that promised that I could use my iPad as a drawing board for my Mac.
Unfortunately, to the somewhat more than it could keep holding 🙁


I am old user of Wacom graphic boards.
The ability to draw, when using a computer but still doing the drawing by hand, has long appealed to me.

In my view it's been a way to bridge the gap between hand drawing and computer graphics, and I have tried to introduce it to the kids at my work.
It's just didn't go very well, because the kids would rather use iPads which are so much easier and intuitive.

Before iPads arrived the graphic board was my favorite tool, when it came to digital drawings and graphics.
With the iPad arrived, it was like finding a completely new way of working.
So my graphic board had to face a involuntary retirement, even though the iPad doesn't completely live up to all of my needs.
For instance,. the need to produce high-resolution graphics.

The other day an idea came to me, what if I could find an app that could bridge the gap between my Mac and my iPad. A kind of missing link that could make sure, I could use my iPad as a graphics board.

airstylusIn such cases, Google is my best friend, and I soon found an app from Avatron called Air Stylus.
A very expensive app costing 129 kr. ($199), but since I know the company and use other of their apps and software, I didn't hesitate for long.
I probably should have.

Avatron specializes in apps which enables the computer / mac to cooperate with the iPad.
For example, they make a piece of software, which makes it possible to use the iPad as a second monitor, called Air Display Host.
I've had good use of this app, especially when I do major projects. It is a little slow on the uptake – lagging in the connection between the iPad and my Mac – but the main thing for me has been to use the iPad as an external monitor.

I found a laudatory review of Air Stylus, where a graphic designer told about the solution as being a good alternative for those who weren't ready to invest in a graphic board.
The whole idea showed a lot of promise, and sounded like the solution to my problem.
It also promised the support of my fancy Wacom stylus with pressure sensitivity, so it seemed like the complete package.

129 kr. poorer I opened the app, connected it to my Mac via Air Display Host, opened ArtRage, started – and was badly disappointed 🙁
A fluid drawing motion only showed up as ragged lines.
I switched over to Photoshop, since Avatron advertises support. That didn't go much better. Though my lines was rendered, they showed up with great delay. There was nothing fluid abou the motions, and it was still annoying and lagging.

In order to give the app one last chance, I waited until the next day, but unfortunately it was exactly the same.
Even though my machine was completely 'rested’ and all additional apps were closed on the iPad, it still continued to lagg horribly.
I sought advice on Avatrons website, but there was nothing that helped with the lagg.

Darn! To be honest I feel disappointed and cheated out of 129 kr.

It's really annoying when a developer I would otherwise trust, makes an app that isn't working!
So I can't replace my graphic board with an app.
Although I would like to, it has become evident that the connection through Wifi is not strong enough to support, what I actually need.

Screenshot 2014-11-21 pm. 08.41.55Should the problem be with my mac and its specifications, I would dare to say that Avatron has completely unrealistic expectations of people's equipment.
As the specs on the images shows, I should definitely not have problems.

So once again I must accept the fact, that I have to invest in a new graphic board. A board for the apron. price of. 800 kr. ($199)!
It wasn't what I had hoped for, but I have to see if something comes up eventually.

There are alternatives to Air Stylus online, for example. Limner, but from what I can read it would still not be possible to draw without lagg.


A disappointing 2 out of 5 possible points is what I'll give it.
The ideas is great, but the execution far too poorly done to be of any real use.

Avatron – if you find a way to improve your product, I'll be the first to use it.
Until then, I just accept that my money is now wasted.