It's been animation in my life 😀 More than usual!

boys_stopmotion1Not enough, I make animation course for the kids on my work with huge success.
Along with my good colleague Martin, we have started a new Stop Motion project, where children make movies with greenscreen, film editing and soundtrack.
It's been great to see where different movies that can come out of it, and how differently the boys and girls work.

Additionally, I have come up with an ingenious program called My-imator, as you can make Minecraft cartoons. Quite free!
I have been allowed to translate it into Danish by developer, but otherwise it is available in English via
The program is still in beta, which means that it is under development.
Therefore, the continued free, and David promise that if you download it now, you will get all future updates for free.

boys_mineimator1boys_mineimator2Working with My-imator arose from a request from one of the big boys.
He had seen Minecraft videos on YouTube and would like to know how he made such. He asked if I would look for a program that could.

My experience told me that it was made in a 3D program, and a search I could see that I was right.
Although I have installed the free program Blender 3D on one of our machines, it is quite a task to teach them how to even animates the program.
But then I came across My-imator, sum now and there huge success.

I work at a teaching program, which is only available for Windows at the moment.

I have also chosen to take the animation one step further, and is even working on a music video in Doink.

A project I mainly do, while I'm with the kids, to show them the possibilities. It has certainly put more of the children started to think outside the box, and to see what you actually can.

The best feedback I have yet, was from a boy who exclaimed that he did not even know, you could make as much detail. Just the little insight whole project worth.

In addition, the children's involvement led me to resume my own work with 3D animation.

Next week I draw to Viborg to visit The Animation Workshop and the Centre for Animation Education to talk with them about their work.
Who knows, what comes out of the trip 🙂

Because of all the animation, I have now decided to create a new menu item called Themes. This will include topics Animation and Digital Drawing continue to be available.

Last, but not least,, I published last week a short film explaining the difference between cartoons and comics.
I truly international style is made in both Danish and English.