After having tried, I've bought an android tablet I have begun to explore the market.
There are so many apps and the market is more confusing than the iPad.
Much can be said about Apple, but they do a great job to sort the wheat from the chaff.

As android novice, it is interesting to learn the differences and similarities with iOS (the operating system for iPad) knowing.

I asked the producers of Doink whether they intended to support android. Unfortunately the answer is no, the market is so large and diverse when it comes to the types of tablets, the task is huge.

For technical I can mention, at det bl.a. about how many purchase of various screen sizes are available.
This makes it almost impossible to make a standardized graphics package, and thus it is a huge work.
So practice – ingen DoInk animation eller Green screen til android :/

The hunt is gone into apps that can be the same.
Not in the same way, but have the functionality I expect from apps for kids.
– Easy to use for many different age groups
– Development potential
– Good and easy graphic design
– No hidden advertising or sudden in-app purchases

An additional criterion that I'm looking for, but do not expect, is support for both Android and iPad.
As mentioned with Doink creators, it is not an easy thing, so if it is possible it is just bonus.

At the same time I look at apps, supports Danish or as I may be allowed to translate.
The latter is of course something of an extra task, but if I see potential in an app I develop learning programs for the.
It is now easier to Danish, when I now Dane 😉

Right now I'm sitting with a code app, Lightbot, designed to teach children and interested to understand sequences.
It is fun and annoying at the same time, and I already have a deal to translate it.
Since this app is available for both Android and iPad is the more interesting.
I will return soon with a review and a course around app.

In the meantime, I remain interested in the recommendations and ideas for new apps.
Drop a mail or go on Twitter or Facebook and write it.
Or leave a comment.
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