Last Thursday, I said goodbye to 'mine’ kids in school on Nyelandsvej.
After nearly 3 years with them, it was not the easiest thing I've ever made me.
Parting started in the schoolyard, where I – 10 minutes before the bell – arrived and was attacked.

The girls from my class hung on the door and waited, så da jeg kom var der dømt gruppekram 🙂

I was almost dragged through the school yard, where I had to stop and take stuff from other kids too.
One of the children, I am really close to, brød helt sammen da han fik det at vide 🙁 Det er virkelig det hårdeste ved at stoppe.

When 2 classes knew, I have stopped, and the others were just happy to see me. I have not been at work since November, and they had obviously missed me.

After a pile-entrance, I got sent the kids in their class, while I took leave of my colleagues.
It was not long before my teacher colleague came and got me, as the children waited.

Here I had drawings, chocolate and sweet letters a lot.
There is no doubt, I have made an impression on some of the kids. Especially with robots.
The drawings and letters, and the many hugs and words that came, was almost getting too much.
But I can with pride in his voice tell, I did not collapse.

My parting with them, has occurred over recent months.
However, it was still incredibly hard to feel the grief in some children.
They are happily strong cubs, and I know that it goes over.

I will miss them all.
Miss my daily walk with them, and the fun things we did.
They have taught me so much, and I am looking forward to sharing the knowledge with others in the future.

So goodbye, School Nyelandsvej and SFO Universe.
I will never forget you!