I can not say me free to have cried a bit, the 'mine’ 3. classes said goodbye to us.
Club call, and although it is not the first or last time, it's hard when one era ends.

A lot of 'my’ store unger, faithfully surfaced every week, is now stopped.
Alva og Lilli, stop motion girls.
Erik and Sam, Mindstorms and Minecraft boys.
Jose, Laura, Lark, Clea, Matilda, Cornelia, Oliver, Leo, Carl… I could go on.

They have enriched and developed my life 2 years of age, and now takes on to enrich others.
They always have a special place in my heart.

Now of course there is the other, both 'old’ as new.
Majbørnene has taken the SFO with tense mind and as excited parents.
0. classes must now come to my workshop and participate. Something, they have been looking forward to the last six months!

With each year comes new opportunities, development of already tried and repeating successes.

Life time in SFO.
So I can only rejoice, when love is in turn.


It's that easy to say goodbye future, but I do like to get to know them, even if it's just for a year!
Og så kommer de jo og besøger os hele tiden 🙂 Der er kram, when we meet in the schoolyard, and it is a privilege to continue to be kept updated about their lives and have their confidence.

My job is not so bad.