As a specialist and expert my goal 'simple';
– create visibility about the world we live in, as digital and technological as it is, translating facts and knowledge so that everyone has a chance to understand what this means for us. Especially for our children and young people in both present and future.

As founder and chairwoman of the organization DigiPippi my knowledge of gender diversity in IT unique and thoroughly tested. For several years I have developed methods, proven to promote girls' self-understanding and skills.

My approach:
– the view of the practitioner, based on a 360 degree view that entails gathering the many threads of society in clear and relatable terms.
Passion, humor and a keen sense of observation are parts of my approach. Many years of experience as a computer geek, Waldorf trained pedagogue and experienced educator to both young and old are the base of my work.

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19.5.18 – Wonder Tech Summit
14.6.18 – Folkemødet
15.6.18 – Panel debate Aalborg University 14.15-14.55
16.6.18 – Panel discussion TDC 9.00-9.45

Main areas of expertise:
Children, young people and IT ∴ Girls, Women and IT ∵ Children, youth and media ∴ Digital upbringing ∵ Digital pedagogy ∴ 21. century skills ∵ ​​Education ∴ and more.

Clients include:
DI ∴ Dell ∵ Microsoft ∴ KUBO ∵ Clio Online ∴ Dafolo ∵ Real Dream ∴ EDULab ∵ Women in Tech ∴ Valtech ∵ STYLE ∴ Ringsted Municipality ∵ Furesø Municipality ∴ Aalborg ∵ PLC Denmark ∴ Business Academy Zealand ∵ His Place Nurseries ∴ Sønderbro School ∵ Ørestad School ∴ Ballerup Library ∵ Blågårdsplads Library ∴ Silkeborg Library and others.

Featured in the media:
TV: Deadline DR2 ∴ Go’ TV2 ∵ TV2 News ∴ TV2 Lorry ∵ TVSyd ∴ DR Ultra ∵ and more.
Radio/ podcast: P4 ∴ Harddisken (P1) ∵ ForældreIntra (Radio 24/7) ∵ Electronista (24/7) ∵ SAMDATA Podcast ∴ Alphabølgen Podcast ∵ and others.
Writing: BUPL Børn & Young ∴ Zealand Media ∵ ∴ Matematikfessor ∵ ∴ KUBO newspaper ∵ ∴ magazine IN ∵ others.

How can I help?

Key notes

Your digital child - how and why it approaches and exists in the world

Your digital life – what does your actions online entails, what can and can't you do (specifically aimed at children and young people)

Digital upbringing - how to help and guide your child in an infinite digital world

girls, Women and IT - why there is a diversity problem in IT

The DigiPippi Way - A system change through role models

Approaching 21. century skills and much more - what can and should be demaned of society and the educational system, in order to get children and young people prepare for the future

Sparring, creation and development

  • create a service, a product or an event, which attracts and supports today's children and young people
  • create both instructive and interesting experiences through ICT and education
  • creating solutions, which rectifies the existing problem with getting girls interested in technology, on their terms
  • sparring on existing projects with a comprehensive approach
Educating professionals - pedagogues, educators and teachers - in creative IT 21. century skills and much more Education of children in K-12 - workshops with robots, creative IT/ STEAM, 3D printing and much more
Educational material

  • For children from 3 to 18 years of age
  • For pedagogues and educator, teachers and trainers
  • For parents

Articles and chronicles Author


Eva offers a unique combination of knowledge about pedagogy and IT – seasoned with a burning passion to get girls to take control of their own lives… Read more

Julie Rosendal

Events & Communications Manager, Dell EMC

We have worked with Eva Fog, several times because Eva Fog, have mastered didactic and pedagogical principles when working with technologies… Read more

Rune Dziadecki Gråbæk

Development Consultant for IT and learning environments, Ringsted Municipality

Eva Fog gave presentations on DI Digital's birthday on 8. June 2017 about the future of education and skills in the 21. century… Read more

Jette Nøhr

Seniorchefkonsulent, OF

We have at EduLab been entertained by Eve insightful and inspirational messages to our former. shop, FessorNyt, and on our blog for families,, where she among others. has written about digital imaging… Read more

Line Brodie

Team Manager - Marketing & Multimedia, EduLab

We had chosen Eva, when her focus attention on girls and programming, fit very well into our thoughts on the development of IT student patrolsRead more

Tobias Smith

Educational IT consultant, Furesø Municipality

I will meet Eva! Eva er girl power, understood as she provides power to the girls and their presence in a digital age, where it is usually the boys who are lead and closest… Read more

Christian Toft

Multimediepædagog, Fuglsang Farm School Coding Pirate, Lyngby / Microsoft Dept.. Blogger on And most importantly - Father of Anna and Molly, not yet colored by stereotypes.

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When children and young people share illegal

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