It is the weekend and on top of Shrovetide.
Between candy, dressing up and turn-cat-of-the barrel can kids need to relax. Here are three simple multiplayer apps for iPad that might entertain a while.

At my work, we have a rule, all game apps should be social and be played by several. These three apps are through- and quality tested 🙂

20140301-002709.jpgTic Tac Toe – the Danish Cross & Bubbles – is a free app where you can play against each other or a computer. The he 4 severities, so it is possible to evolve.
Fun, simple and easy. Definitely a few laps worth.


20140301-003912.jpgAir Hockey! is also free and features 2-player option against each other or the computer. Man kan upgradere for 7 kr. if it is your favorite game, but I have not yet seen a reason.



20140301-004406.jpgWho am I? is a who's who play on Danish. It also has 2-player mode against the player or computer, is free but can also be purchased for 7 kr. So it is possible to play against others online, choose the difficulty o.a.